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Stamping technology development course and characteristics

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Auto industrial production in the true sense is the development of stamping technology. The beginning of the 20th century, ford motor's industrial production greatly promoted the impact of the research and development. Research work in sheet metal forming technology and formability basically two aspects at the same time, the key question is broken, wrinkle and springback, involving estimate formability and forming method of innovation, as well as the forming process analysis and control. In fact in the 20th century, most of the time, grasp of the stamping technology is basically to experience. Analysis tool is the classic forming mechanics theory, can solve the problem is very limited. Research focuses on the sheet metal stamping and forming mechanics performance, far cannot satisfy the needs of the auto industry. In the '60 s is important period in the development of stamping technology, various new forming technology appeared. Especially the forming limit diagram ( 盛名) Sheet is put forward, promoted the performance, forming theory, the forming process and the quality control of the coordinated development, become a milestone in the history of the development of stamping technology. Due to the finite element method and the early development of CAD technology in the 80 s, 90 s with the center of the numerical simulation and computer application technology in the field of stamping rapidly development and practical application, become material deformation behavior is a powerful tool to research and process design. Automotive stamping technology really has entered the phase of analysis, the traditional plate forming technology start from experience to science. From the stamping technology development can be seen in the characteristics as follows: ( 1) Stamping performance research and improvement is in full accord with the development of stamping technology. ( 2) The rapid development of automobile, aircraft and other industrial and energy factors are the main driver of stamping technology development. Entering the new century, environmental factors and the related law is increasingly prominent, automotive lightweighting design and manufacture of become the important topic. ( 3) Forming process of the development of the digital simulation technology, and promote the traditional stamping technology to the scientific, into the ranks of advanced manufacturing technology. ( 4) Stamping technology involved in the development of material, energy, tooling, equipment, etc. Process method in the process of innovation and its scientific analysis and control is the core of technology development; Mold technology is the embodiment of the stamping technology development, is to determine the product manufacture cycle, cost, quality of the most important factors. Dongguan precision stamping electronic technology co. , LTD is a professional company, has 30 years experience in stamping, professional provide: metal stamping parts, has been performed Fast, accurate, steady 】 The work commitment. Has been wholeheartedly committed to the delivery of mould manufacturing technology in the pure, beautiful, inexpensive, stamping parts and precision parts. Deep tillage technology constantly. Efforts to meet and exceed customer expectations. In order to enhance customer competitiveness as own duty, looking forward to cooperate with you again.
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