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Stamping tensile processing requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
1, stretch the shape should be as simple as possible, symmetry in circumferential direction, the axisymmetric stretch will be uniform, the deformation of the mould is more easy to carry on the processing at this point, the technology is also one of the best. Other shapes (tensile, should avoid to outline change sharply. Car muffler back cover, for example, on the premise of guarantee the use requirement, simplified shape, will let the production process by the multi-channel processes into one to two working procedure, the consumption of materials will be cut in half. 2, stretching object size proportion to each part should be appropriate to avoid design depth of the flange and the large tensile), because such artifacts need more drawing number. Workpieces, for example, not size and lower size difference is too big, do not conform to the requirements of the drawing process, want to let it compound requirements, it can be divided into two parts, respectively, to carry on the processing and manufacturing, after connect. If the workpiece cavity is not deep, but the flange diameter is large, manufacturing difficulty is big, middle annealing treatment is needed. If the flange diameter decreases, can need not intermediate annealing. Artifacts of the flange outer profile best contour shape is similar to that of a deep drawing part, if the width of the flange, not only hard to stretch, need to add the process, still need to broaden the trimming allowance, increase of metal consumption. 3, stretching a radius to appropriate to facilitate the forming and decrease The Times of deep drawing and try to increase tensile) radius. Stretch the bottom and wall, flange and the wall, between the four walls of rectangular pieces of a radius to meet the requirements. 4, stretching pieces of the thickness of the uneven phenomenon to consider multiple drawing workpiece inside and outside wall or flange tensile flange surface, should be allowed to have produced in the process of stretch marks. Unless the workpiece have special requirements to use plastic or catch fractal methods to eliminate these marks. 5, stretching pieces of the hole to reasonable arrangement of main structural plane in stretch the hole location on the set, keep it on a plane, or perpendicular to the plane of hole wall, so that the punching and trimming at the same time in the process is complete. 6, the size precision of tensile shoulds not be too demanding the manufacturing precision of tensile including diameter direction accuracy and the precision of height direction. In general, the precision of the tensile should not exceed the specified value. The size of the product on the drawing need to indicate the guarantee external size or inner cavity size, can't mark shape dimension. 7, stretching oil choice in terms of the choice of drawing oil in addition to consider stretching oil lubrication and cooling performance, but also stretching of anti-rust oil, the performance of the cost and easy maintenance, etc. Drawing oil is easy to choose the basis of relatively low viscosity oil add antifriction additives, such as well as lubrication and friction, also can have very good cooling and filtering. But the problems of drawing oil is low flash point, during stamping forming temperature is high, easy to deformation, high risk, and volatile fast, user use corresponding higher cost, so choose in conditions allow as much as possible under the situation of high compressive abrasion resistance of stretch oil. Committed to become the world's most professional supplier of stamping tensile. To help clients improve competitiveness as our duty!
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