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Stamping terminal/teach you to solve problems arising from the terminal production

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Stamping terminal/teach you clever solve the problems in the production of terminal stamping terminal is used to implement a accessories, electrical connection in the stamping is classified into the category of electronic industry. Gradually increase along with the industrial automation degree and the strict requirements of industrial control, precise, the dosage of the stamping terminal gradually rise. With the development of the electronics industry, more and more widely, the scope of application of terminal types are various. So, in terminal product stamping process any negative phenomenon, we should pay attention to deal with. Terminal products in the process of stamping, for surface indentation, crushed, mould mark, quality defects such as broken teeth. Analysis the reason has the following kinds: (1) chip jump: the process of stamping, waste no falls off along the blanking hole and jump out of the mold surface; (2) the mold or mold surface residue processing foreign body; (3) surface uneven, formed surface uneven, there is a clear point. Corresponding processing method is: (1) only the ( Straight blade surface roughness increases concave die) Blade, die die surface uneven to mold adjustment, and grinding molding surface; (2) the longer incision punch, reduce the gap, cut less punch and waste interface; (3) using air gun or suction feeder foreign bodies, or will the mould powder ( Jump) Chip removal.
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