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Steps in the process of stamping parts processing problems easily

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Dongguan hardware stamping parts stamping parts processing in use process there may be some problem of one sort or another, I'll introduce you may encounter in the process of the mold in stamping parts. There's A foreign body in A, methods: uncoiling line ( Iron filings and dust) With cause convex concave; B, sliding seal: caused by roller sliding, when a sudden stop or accelerated; C, burr, burr under the plate cutting surface parts, based on cut surface, burr height of 0. More than 2 mm, iron powder that happens here can damage the mould and produce convex concave; D, roller printing: cleaning roller or feed roller caused (foreign body attached With a fixed pitch) Normally, roller printing on the sheet metal foreign body can be removed; E could edge wrinkling, coil material crushing: uncoiling line could die on the guide roller guide roller clearance hours of wrinkling, caused by coil into surrender value; Dongguan stone row hardware products factory professional mold manufacturing, metal products, furniture, watch industry, plastic products, metal lamp act the role ofing, sports equipment, handicraft production and manufacturing of all kinds of metal stamping parts, products include: electronic hardware fittings, stainless steel card buckle plastic wood, gold aluminum shell resistance, hair accessories, horn, shield, GPS aluminum shell and other shell, radiator, radiator, ballast, lamp hardware, purification of water, stainless steel cell, CPU, the back, the other dongguan hardware stamping parts, etc. A: high efficiency of stamping process
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