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Steps of stamping die design


Metal stamping parts are all metal products made by stamping through stamping dies and punching machines. The quality of stamping parts is closely related to stamping dies. Mold design is particularly important. Mold manufacturing capability is also one of the company's important strengths. Before production, the stamping processing plant needs to first design the stamping die. Dongguan FortunaDedicated to precision stamping parts for more than 10 years, we provide one-stop services for mold design, stamping, metal insert injection molding, and automated assembly. What are the design steps of the stamping die? Next, Dongguan Fortuna will give you a detailed introduction.


Metal stamping parts

1. The first is to find raw materials for mold design;

2. View stamping product drawings and process flow, view product drawings and process based on the original data, analyze the stamping processability of the product, check the formulation of the process and whether the sketches of each process are reasonable. If it is found that the stamping process is poor or the established process is unreasonable, it needs to be modified. Only in this way can we better combine product design, process preparation, mold design, and mold manufacturing;

3. Perform relevant process calculations, and perform relevant process calculations for each process according to the specified work content in the stamping process card;

4. Draw the assembly drawing of the stamping die and the assembly drawing of other die parts;

5. Check the mold drawing. After designing the mold drawing, it needs to be checked. This is an essential step in the design of stamping parts.

6. Compile a stamping design calculation manual, which is an important technical document, especially for the process formula and mold design of some important parts; at the end of the design work, a design calculation manual should also be written for the future reference.

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