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Stretch in the process of the mode of production and processing problems

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Stretch of the mode of production: metal tensile characteristics of all kinds of information, to look at the structure of tensile skilled stretch shape should be brief, symmetry, as can a stretch forming; If the need to repeatedly tensile parts, to ensure that the necessary of the surface quality of the premise, should promise to interior and exterior stretch marks can occur during; On the premise of ensure the installation requirements, should promise to stretch wall has a certain slope; Stretch of the bottom of the flange or on the side of hole to the side wall are appropriate. Issues during tensile process: 1, causing tensile) because of the bad reasons, the general situation of the coil, sheet metal, mold quality will affect the quality of the final tensile parts, 2, if the mould general cleaning assembly damage situation of steeply, convex concave problem will be more to add. Is, in every moment in the whole manufacturing process should give full consideration to the details, although even that appear quality problem, affect the end product. 3, stretching process of manipulation and workstation in unloading is picking up, there is also a general profile damage parts quality. Company stamping equipment imported high-speed punching machine, high speed stamping mould with high efficiency, the use of material such as technology, stamping comprehensive cost low, is the product mass production precision drawing quality suppliers.
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