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Stretching stamping parts manufacturers experience analysis: stretching product cracking reasons and countermeasures

by:Fortuna     2021-01-30
Tensile stamping manufacturers experience, for the average shape of deep drawing of square tube, in the middle of the straight wall nearby, there may be a wide range of produce deep drawing fracture phenomenon. Today, the authors explore the reason and everybody together to know: 1, shape (1), deep drawing height is too big for tensile stamping parts manufacturers use to reduce the drawing depth to prevent rupture, must first check the other reasons. All cases after check no problem, the problem still appear, can use stretching height reduction methods, and increases a set of tensile plastic process. (2) radius is too small, concave die tensile stamping manufacturer square box deep drawing, the measures to prevent springback occurred straight side wall, generally with the drawing method of drawbead, but this method has the defects of the scars of drawbead. Therefore, when the draw bead do not use as the stretch forming of measures is to make the gap a bit smaller than the thickness, at the same time, under the conditions of Angle is too small to choose deep drawing method. If more than tensile crack limit, Angle can be slightly increased after deep drawing. 2, stamping condition and blank-holder force is too large flange face all shine, blank-holder force is too large, blank holder force can be reduced to allow both the degree of material flow and not wrinkle. (2), the female die surface to make the material easy to flow into the poor lubrication, check the type and dosage of lubricating oil. 3, mold problem (1), die surface processing with bad cooperation. Tensile stamping parts manufacturers in product produce burst at the same time, the flange surface and abrasions, grinding wheel in grinding well, achieve material into easy conditions. (2), the gap is too small products side shine and burst, is due to the lateral wall thinning amount is too big, so need to adjust the clearance. (3), the location of drawbead and drawbead shape bad due to excessive force and rupture can be caused by many conditions, so to reduce the power of drawbead. (4) and bad mold precision accuracy is bad, have a mold core shift; Punch and die parallel degree, vertical degree is bad to wait for a reason. If the mould inspection beforehand, problem (5) will happen during deep drawing test, insufficient pressure rim rigid blank holder ring rigid, can only in a few buffer pin parts caused by severe tensile and burst. 6 and bad press precision when the precision of the press is bad, bad with precision mould can produce the same defect, before try drawing, to keep the machine in the condition of high precision, and must try to deep drawing. 4, material (1), when the defect is due to the material of the tensile strength is not enough and the grain size is too large, you need to change the material (2), when defects due to plate thickness is not enough, need to increase the plate thickness. Tensile stamping parts manufacturers in the tensile rupture for common technical problems, such as thin wall, corner bursts, product wrinkles, etc. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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