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Strike phosphor copper terminal mold classification

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Strike phosphor copper terminals in the stamping production mould, generally we can simply put it into engineering mode and continuous mode engineering mode and can be divided into simple die, compound die, the following brief introduction of the mould structure and function of: simple mode: also known as the 'single process model, refers to the stamping of a trip, can only be completed a die stamping process. The process after coining, need artificial or use the manipulator to strike phosphor copper terminal products out from the mould, and then into the next station inside the mold to continue production, until the last mould process finished, the whole phosphorus copper terminal products in order to be complete. The mold repair work is simple, but the difficult and time-consuming to production, need to spend more artificial and time cost, the product scrap rate is higher. Composite modulus: under the common compound die structure are composite materials, such as tensile composite, the mold structure and other simple mold structure is slightly different. The punch ( Also known as the male die and punch) In die design, several other block template under splint ( Fixed punch punch) , the check under the baffle and stripper ( Take off the outside) , the upper die cavities ( Or edge) , on the inside to take off the plate and the plate, inside take off using contour sleeve hanging on the plate, and then held a spring. Such as the compound die for blanking, which generally take off out button 0. 50 mm can, can not be lower than standard pattern, otherwise easy to shoot or not stripping off button incision. Inside to take off the power to be big enough to get the product inside the cavities from the top, continuous mode, also known as the 'progressive die, a trip refers to the stamping process, at the same time in different location to complete two or more than two servings of stamping process mould, this strike phosphor copper terminal mold repair is difficult, need experienced master fitter to operation, but the production speed and high production efficiency, save labor and time costs, product scrap rate is low.
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