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Summarize several factors that affect the machinability of stamping materials

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
The degree of difficulty for the stamping factory to cut metal materials is called machinability. If the material is easy to cut, it is called good machinability, and vice versa, it is called poor machinability. It can usually be measured by phenomena such as cutting force, cutting heat, tool wear and tool durability, surface quality of stamping parts and chip control during the cutting process. The following briefly introduces the factors that affect the cutting performance of stamping materials: 1. The chemical composition of stamping materials is very important. The higher the alloy composition of the steel, the more difficult it is to process. When the carbon content increases, the metal cutting performance decreases. 2. The structure of stamping materials is also very important for metal cutting performance. Different structures include: cast, cast, extruded, rolled, and machined. Forgings and castings have very difficult surfaces to machine. 3. The hardness of stamping materials is an important factor affecting metal cutting performance. The general rule is that the harder the steel, the harder it is to machine. High-speed steel (HSS) can be used to process materials with a hardness of up to 330-400HB; high-speed steel titanium nitride (TiN) coating can process materials with a hardness of up to 45HRC; and for materials with a hardness of 65-70HRC, it must be used Cemented carbide, ceramics, cermets and cubic boron nitride (CBN). 4. Non-metallic impurities generally have an adverse effect on tool life. For example, Al2O3 (alumina), which is a pure ceramic, is highly abrasive. 5. The last one is residual stress, which can cause metal cutting performance problems. It is generally recommended to perform a stress relief process after rough machining. Recommended article: Understand metal cutting process and improve metal cutting process technology Previous post: Principles of designing precision mold structure
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