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Summarizes the importance of metal stamping parts forming process, can collect

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
1, metal stamping parts after forming ruffled relationship was due to the crowded in on both sides of the metal material, cause the width is larger than the original size, its protruding size associated with the use of material thickness, the thicker the material protruding points, the greater the to avoid this phenomenon, in forming can advance online on both sides to take a semicircle, semicircle diameter for the best thickness of 1. More than 5 times, edge material forming design, can use the same method to deal with; 2, the inside of the metal stamping forming bending R Angle is greater than or equal to half the thickness of best, if not do R Angle, after many stamping its right Angle will fade away and naturally formed R Angle, after that the R Angle of single side or both sides, the length will have some side; 3, after stamping forming force is easy to deformation, in order to avoid deformation of the case, can increase in forming bending place right amount 45 degree Angle of reinforcing power, to the principle of non-interference in other parts make it increases strength; 4, general stamping is long and narrow shape when it is not easy to maintain its straight degree, after the stress is more easy to deformation, so we can fold a L or fold two straight edge into a picture form a to maintain its strength and degree, but often L and picture can't form from beginning to end, because of some factors is interrupted, how to do? At that time we can play the right amount of convex ribs to increase its strength 5, twist between plane and the bending surface with narrow holes or open side hole back to best after bending, otherwise will produce burrs, and the width of the narrow hole is greater than or equal to best meat thick one. Five times, and don't forget the R Angle mapping, right Angle and acute Angle of mould cavities and cracks easily, once the stop line, repair mold is loss of 6, the corner at the edge of the sheet metal plate, if there is no certain requirement is an Angle of 90 degrees, so please process to the appropriate R Angle, because at the end of the metal stamping rectangular easily lead to sharp point cut staff. Cavities in the tip of the right Angle to the crack due to stress concentration, easy to split, the male die in tip makes die must die and delay production, instant didn't split over time will wear form R Angle, make the product produces burrs caused by defective products. 7, ( 1) 。 Forming side can divided into unilateral and bilateral discount discount, if you have any precision demands, it is best to use bilateral forming accuracy will be a little bit better, forming edge height is greater than 3 mm (best t: 1。 0 - 1. 2毫米) Otherwise for clamping size too little size would not be stable; ( 2) 。 When forming, the side wall of the parts or internal projections may not to get too close to the bottom is better in more than 10 mm, or projections at the bottom of the Angle without male die stamping, the R Angle is better than the two sides of the R Angle, R Angle of discontinuous, will affect the appearance, we can before forming stamping out a proper indentation on the discount, so we can improve the appearance; ( 3) 。 When forming, the side wall of the hole can not close to the bottom, to stay in more than 3 mm, or opening will because bending involving the deformation. We can before bending stamping out a hole and the same length and width of 1. The material thickness of strip 5 holes on the broken line, what's the effect? It can involve truncation and does not affect the appearance of the opening. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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