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Superhard stamping parts processing process

by:Fortuna     2020-04-11
Details for blade super-hard stamping parts processing and fitter training after the title and the insufficiency, in combination with the actual situation of our factory equipment characteristics and production, we for edge processing is improved from the process, namely the edge after quenching superhard processing, trimming entirely controlled by nc machining clearance, makes up for the fitter level and physical aspects of fluctuations, reduces the human factors of interference, thus obviously improved trimming blade machining efficiency and quality. Really a lot of hardware terminal stamping die manufacturers have to conduct the research, the technology is the key to the arrangement of the process flow and selection of various parameters, and see to discuss. Process arrangement. Edge after quenching superhard processing operations in surface finishing and half edge finishing is completed, and then quenching treatment, then edge superhard processing in nc machine tool. Blade hardness. Blade hardness after quenching in HRC55 ~ 65. Edge width. Upper die edge blade belt width is not greater than 25 mm, outside the lower die cutting edge blade belt width is not more than 20 mm, inside the lower die cutting edge blade belt width is not more than 15 mm. If edge blade belt width exceeds this value, milling back empty before quenching. 4. Allowance. Blade reserved after semi-finishing machining allowance is 0. 2 to 0. 3毫米( Have considered quenching heat treatment deformation) That after quenching on the superhard machining processing capacity with 0. 1 to 0. It is advisable to 3 mm. Intensified processing capacity will affect the machining precision and tool wear, the margin is too small, quenching deformation age may be short of material. 5. Machine tool selection. Choose good rigidity, high precision machine tool system with a closed-loop servo system of nc machine tools. Cutting tool selection. The general principles of selection tool applicable, safe and economic. Hung under the condition of meet the requirements of machining, tool length as short as possible, cutter diameter as large as possible, to reduce the roughness of machined surface, with progress of cutting tool system rigidity, heat dissipation and tool life. But should pay attention to the last qing Angle of cutting tool radius outline should be less than the minimum radius of curvature. Through experiment comparison, I use is shown in figure 5 blade of superhard cutting tool for processing.
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