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Suzhou precision metal stamping parts production mold punch fracture analysis of the problem

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
When we in the production of precision metal stamping parts, very easy to a problem with the mould punch rupture easily, especially for small precision components, punching number not much, led to the decrease of the capacity is big, the need to constantly adjust the mold, the late we also summarizes some questions point, is our production of precision metal stamping parts, often seen today: authors and share with you a. Precision metal stamping die shut height is too low, adjust height of punch cut edge part is too long; b。 Inappropriate positioning stamping materials, piercing punch cutting single side, adjust the positioning or feed unit because of the uneven fracture; c。 Lower die waste bunged up edge, resulting in the punch broken big blanking hole again, make the blanking smoothly; d。 Fixed parts of the punch, Splint) And guide parts and replacement or line to cut into piece of smooth (drift up and down Sheet) Migration; e. Poor play board guide, punch force to unilateral and replacement sheet clearance; f。 The punch edge is too short, heavy interference to samples in punch, growth long blade part; g。 Punch fixed is bad, make it jumped up and down to move to a fixed punch can't jumped up and down move; h。 The punch not sharp edge grinding blade; 我。 When the punch surface strain, stripping uneven force to change the punch; j。 The punch carefully, is too long, intensity is not enough to change the punch type; k。 Punch hardness is too high, the punch material not replace the punch material, adjust the heat treatment hardness; Above points are easy to make failure of high-precision hardware mould punch, Suggestions are given at the same time, for everybody to learn together. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: suzhou precision metal stamping parts production mold problem analysis to know the details of the punch rupture: stamping parts demand of medical equipment, are you ready? Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts?
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