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Suzhou precision stamping process understanding, it is worth collecting

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Understand all know suzhou precision stamping parts, stamping by press and die pressure on the material, through the fabric, and precision stamping parts used for electronic core parts such as stamping parts, equipment, cold shock often apply to room temperature, used in sheet stamping, today small authors introduce everyone to stamping of the three main factors: customized suzhou precision stamping elements one: material, stamping with great influence on the quality of the raw materials to finished product quality, requirements even thickness, accurate, smooth surface, no scratch, scratch, crack, as well as the patches, material of high tensile strength and yield strength is low in order to prevent material inhomogeneous deformation and improve the precision of the stamping parts; Customized suzhou precision stamping elements 2: mold, the mold precision and structure directly affect the forming of stamping parts and precision mold manufacturing costs and service life is the key factor affecting the quality of stamping parts cost and, so what should be considered in the design manufacture stamping mould function; Customized precision stamping elements 3: equipment, can according to the transmission structure to distinguish for manual stamping, stamping machine, pneumatic press, high-speed stamping machine, can according to the precision of the stamping needs to select the corresponding stamping equipment; The above article is derived from the metal stamping parts, automotive stamping parts processing customized 18 years, reprint please indicate the source. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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