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Take down the of mold base on precision mold parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Mold base on precision mould parts of the demolition. Precision mold mold base parts: when the hurt from his hands clenched up mold screw rod, the upper die cocked in vertical state. Will stop screw counterclockwise to unload, order from left to right, to remove the screw to stop in the designated plates. 1. Endless highly indebted after mold must pay attention to mold up, will die cushion flat. 2. Plate on hand to choose cooperate with slight wear and tear, such as serious head wear, will cause the screw wire. 3. Slippery silk, such as when you pick up the screw screw or head hex socket hole deformation, screw must be discarded in a timely manner. 4. Screw down to stop before taking should check whether the below mold base level 0. 8 to 1. 0mm. ( Higher surface easy cause mold damage bite dead) two Left hand refers to the top quickly get dowel pins, and catch in her right hand after the pressure spring, slightly raised his right hand, and make the pressure spring upward sloping, dowel pin out together, jointly and severally order from left to right, dowel pin will be unloaded and pressure spring into the specified tray. 1. Quickly to life in the pressure of the spring fracture, the fracture pressure must be spring scrap processing. 2. Dowel pin head wear serious need to scrap processing. 3. Check the spring condition ( Discharge spring and top spring, etc. ) , depending on whether the rupture, or use for a long time, though not fracture, but has lost the original fatigue strength, must make regular maintenance, replacement, otherwise it will harm the mold or production is not smooth. 4. Other auxiliary systems such as the top pin, floating pad for wear, whether can lifter, have guide pin and bushing wear, check the maintenance should be paid attention to.
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