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Talking about the process of customized precision stamping parts.

Talking about the process of customized precision stamping parts.


Talking about the process of customized precision stamping parts.


We have rich experience in the design and manufacture of small and precise metal stamping parts. We always maintain close communication with customers and help customers optimize the structure of parts and components from our perspective so that the performance of stamping parts is optimized and the manufacturability is very good. Next, DG Fortuna Metals will introduce the process of customizing precision stamping parts.


1. We attach great importance to the preliminary development work. For each new product introduction, we will set up a project team to carry out special follow-up. For the development and manufacturing of metal stamping parts, we gather the company's experienced engineers in mold design and manufacturing and process engineering to produce detailed and rigorous DFM reports for the products.


2. In terms of mold design, we have also accumulated rich experience in design and manufacturing. We use  3D design software to develop and design molds. We have a strong knowledge database, a collection of many cutting-edge mold structures, and the basic strength to develop various complex precision stamping parts.


Talking about the process of customizing precision stamping parts


3. After the customer confirms that the sample is qualified, we will carry out mass production. We use imported high-speed punches for stamping production, and the punching rate can reach 500- 800/min. The production efficiency has been greatly improved, which can fully meet the urgent production needs of customers.


Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of precision metal parts. Our core technical team has focused on precision metal stamping and CNC machining for more than 20 years. At the same time, it has more than 16,000 square meters of self-owned factory buildings and hundreds of precision punching machines. , Automation equipment and processing machinery. In the past few decades, our team has accumulated a wealth of precision mold technology, which also laid the foundation for our product quality to meet the needs of global customers.

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