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Teach you how to choose a sliding door hardware

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Teach you how to choose a sliding door hardware today, sliding door has been increasingly applied in daily life. High quality hardware is sliding doors & amp; 宝贝, Life & amp; ”, , but bad products will bring consumers should not be. High quality sliding door hardware is mainly manifested on the pulley system design, the manufacture level and orbit design related to it. Used in the manufacture of pulley bearing must be used for multi-layer composite structure bearing, the outermost layer of high strength wear-resistant nylon bushing, and nylon surface must be smooth, not ribbed raised; The inner ball bearing bracket is also high strength nylon structure, reduce friction, enhance the lubrication performance of bearing; Tolerance of structure layer of steel structure, this design can effectively reduce the noise in the process of pulley sliding, and enables the pulley lubrication. Of block matching with orbit is important for the use of the sliding doors, sliding doors in the orbit of generally has two kinds of cold-rolled steel rail and aluminum alloy orbit. Consumers generally think than aluminum alloy steel rail track sturdy, orbital wall as thick as possible, do not use up actually like that. High quality sliding door hardware in orbit and the perfect combination of pulleys, rather than just a certain part, so consumers should not be one-sided emphasis on the orbital wall thickness. Rail must have and pulley with perfect radian, second is the material problem. Generally speaking, the imported materials should be superior to domestic materials. In addition, consumers should not be the product packaging or on the surface of the aluminum alloy coating, the unreasonable coating can only destroy the rail surface roughness, so don't think the color of the track surface finishes the deeper, the better, is likely to be counterproductive. And packing of the products is that it only a temporary use effect, consumers don't need to manufacturers to take on extra high packing. A: teach you calculate the size and weight of the metal stamping parts
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