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Tear in stamping parts processing, askew phenomenon causes

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Inspection found a tear stampings, askew phenomenon, and because of difference of stamping and production process conditions, the proportion of the fractures are different. According to the actual situation of the scene, torn by examining the stamping parts, fracture morphology and crowded injury degree, think that the causes of stamping tear, askew phenomenon is various. May be a stamping technological parameters in the process of setting is unreasonable, usually require concave die, the material core pressure and both parts must fit closely together, in the machine tool slide block slide compression forming sheet metal plastic deformation and implementation. But now shortcomings, such as stamping parts quality unstable means machine pressure in the process of production in beating imbalance state. It is possible that the flanging forming die design defects in stamping parts processing, cause mould structure conditions for forming large travel, pressure area is small. To show that the design personnel at the beginning of mold design, only consider the small pressure is expected to face this feature, but neglected the material core forming guide slide stroke. Or related to mold processing parts and drawings design error, stamping forming, positioning by the pressure in the powder core plane positioning pin and hole, so it requires pressure core material in stamping forming must guarantee the stable, reliable, and correctly guide slide, otherwise will be instability in forming parts, so that the pressure is the core and the die wall extrusion, collision caused by tensile stress parts, when more than ultimate strength of the material, causing a tear parts, skew plus, if consider other factors in the mould structure, and ignore the special guide slide guide, instead of using the processing surface orientation structure, there is gap is too large, cannot adjust the defects, which resulted in the tear, the stamping is skewed.
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