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Technical improvement and improvement of mold structure surface

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
1. Improving the flatness and smoothness of the 2D structural surface by stamping die processing. Before improvement: The smoothness and flatness of the 2D structural surface is not very good. After the improvement: After several processing tests, select a special finishing plane ¢100 for finishing Cutterhead 1. Developed the process flow of the gear key processing. (Refer to the process flow for details) Status before improvement: The processing flow of the shift key is not standardized, causing serious repetition of machine tools and a serious waste of CNC man-hours. After the improvement measures: Standardize the general process of shift key processing, programming, initial assembly, and the main flow of CNC machining. Repeated shift key problems are eliminated on the machine tool. (1) Improve the process flow of the next-order outer panel trimming mold. (Refer to the process flow for details) Status before improvement: mold trimming die, after the insert is quenched, the cutter block is re-grounded, the joint surface of the cutter block has steps, and the lower mold needs to be reprocessed on the machine tool, resulting in waste of labor After the improvement measures: change the process flow, remove the step of finishing the profile before quenching, change it to finishing the profile after quenching, and save the finishing and root cleaning procedures for the outer plate trimming mold (2) Improve the lower mold stack The machining process of the welding edge trimming mold (see the process flow for details). The condition before improvement: the trimming mold is a surfacing edge. After the mold edge is surfacing, the surfacing profile does not match the prototype surface. Re-drop processing the profile, resulting in a serious waste of man-hours. After improvement measures: improve the process flow, see the process flow for details, before the surfacing edge, the profile is only processed to semi-finishing, after the surfacing edge surfacing, all profiles will be processed together. Main points of automobile brake booster shell production (2)
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