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Technical requirements of steel plate molds in metal stamping processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing plant, processing metal stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, metal stamping parts, various specifications, customized drawings, what are the technical requirements for steel plate molds in stamping manufacturing molds? Let's take a look. There are several precautions for the technical requirements of steel molds. 1. The closed height of the mold is determined by the maximum die height and die height adjustment of the punch, and a safety margin of 5-10mm should be given during the design. 2. The punching has been punched as the benchmark, and the blanking is based on the concave mold; 3. The stroke limiter is arranged under the mold, the lower left corner and the upper right corner of the plane, and the distance between the U groove of the upper mold and the upper mold U groove is about 20mm; 4. Positioning for pick-up: blanking and punching dies use floating pins or fixed material positioning, forming molds prefer hole positioning, and profile and contour positioning can also be used to ensure accurate and stable sheet positioning; 5. Upper and lower templates The material is 45, Q235, and the thickness is more than 50mm. 6. Scrap discharge: the waste should be discharged into the leakage hole in the center of the machine as much as possible; 7. Mold clamping: Generally, the lower mold does not open the'U'-shaped slot. The upper mold is opened with a'U'-shaped slot or a mold handle for clamping, and the'U'-shaped slot is preferred; 8. The mold with a single-sided asymmetric process content should be designed with a balanced lateral force device; 9. The punching capacity; The amount of punching punch is 3-5mm, the amount of blanking and trimming cutting edge is 2~3mm10, mold material and heat treatment, etc.; article recommendation: How is the punching sequence arranged in the processing of metal stamping parts? Previous post: Separation process and forming process in the processing of metal stamping parts
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