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Tensile parts manufacturability analysis is introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1. Deep drawing parts shape should be as simple as possible, symmetry, as a deep drawing; 2. To deep drawing parts for many times, under the premise that guarantee the necessary surface quality, exterior and interior surfaces should be allowed to exist traces may be produced in the process of deep drawing; 3. On the premise of guarantee the assembly requirements, should be allowed to deep drawing parts wall has a certain slope; 4. Deep drawing parts on the bottom of the flange or the distance to the side wall of the hole to appropriate; 5. Deep drawing parts of the bottom and wall, flange and the wall and the four corners of the rectangular pieces, radius to the right, in the bottom of the deep drawing parts and the wall of the corner radius 1 pr = 1. 5毫米,mm5。 1 r2p =, deep drawing parts, flange and the wall round radius mm2rd1 = mm5. 1 r2d =; 6. Dimensioning of deep drawing parts, should indicate the guarantee the overall dimensions, or the shape size, can't mark shape dimension. With the steps of deep drawing parts, the height direction of dimensioning generally should be based on the bottom, if the above department as a benchmark, height is not easy to guarantee. Deep drawing parts of tolerance, the dimension precision of should be in T13 below level, should not be higher than IT11. Look-up table to determine the accuracy level for deep drawing parts IT12 ~ IT13. , drawing a blank thickness t = 0. 5mm。 Drawing a wall thickness tolerance requirements in general should not exceed deep drawing process wall thickness variation. Deep drawing materials, used for deep drawing materials general requirement has good plasticity, low showed, large and small plate thickness direction coefficient of plane direction. The deep drawing mould processing parts of material has been identified as 08 steel. A: extend the service life of metal stamping equipment
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