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Tensile stamping mold maintenance requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
When we were in the use of a product, always hope to be able to use a long time, especially in the industrial field. But most of the time, for the life of a product, it will not only influenced by its own quality, tend to be normal use and maintenance of a great deal of correlation. Tensile stamping mould is so. If we want to make the tensile stamping mould have enough long using life, so it is not only requires us to choose and buy products on quality is guaranteed, but also for the mould correct use, maintenance and maintenance is also need attention. The following is a summary about the content of the maintenance and maintenance work. First, in order to ensure the precision of the products, need to arrange staff check the relevant information of tensile stamping mould, if found to have abnormal situation need to handle in time. In addition, you also need to regularly spring for inspection and replacement of the mould, so it can effectively avoid the spring fatigue damage and affect the use. Secondly, in order to guarantee its service life, then, is as far as possible before starting to use, first to check again, should pay attention to when installation, put on the tensile metal stamping mold cleaning to clean around and its installation position, guarantee the purity of the good, after the installation is complete, remember to check the guide sleeve and the lubrication condition is appropriate for the mould. Then, during the installation process, in addition to the requirements shall be by a professional and experienced teacher to operate outside, still must use professional installation tools for installation, the installation as far as possible when the mould is to use some of the material is made from soft metals such as copper or aluminum operating tools, and there was a knock in the installation and so on, are strictly prohibited in case of damage tensile stamping parts. And shall, in accordance with the correct order for installation, especially with the direction of more attention to, don't put wrong or is installed backwards. In use process, if I found by the wear of tensile stamping mould, be sure to stop running in a timely manner, timely repair, in order to avoid situation continues to deteriorate, and lead to reduce mould wear and tear caused by serious life, or affect the processing quality.
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