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Terminal reliability test

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
In order to ensure the quality and reliability of the terminal, prevent the happening of the described earlier deadly fault, proposal according to the product technical conditions, formulate the corresponding filter technical requirements, carry out the following reliability test targeted to prevent failure. 1. To prevent poor contact 1) Conduction testing in 2012, the general terminal manufacturers products acceptance test without the project, and users are usually requires conduction testing after installed. It is recommended that manufacturers for some key models of the product should be increased by 100% point conduction test. 2) Transient fault detect some terminals are used in dynamic vibration environment. Experiment proved that only static contact resistance testing qualified, there is no guarantee that under dynamic environment using the contact reliability. Because, often qualified connector contact resistance in the vibration, impact, such as simulation test is a momentary power outages, so for some high reliability requirements of terminals, best can 100% contact dynamic vibration test to assess its reliability. 3) Single-hole separation force detection puckering separation force refers to the contact plug and state changed from static to movement of the separating force, pin and socket is to evaluate the contact. Experiments show that: single-hole separation force is too small, in the vibration and impact load that may cause signal transient breaking. With single-hole separation force measurement method to check the contact reliability more effective than measuring contact resistance. Examination revealed a single separation force out-of-tolerance jack, measuring contact resistance often is qualified. For this purpose, the factory in addition to developing a new generation of flexible plugged into close contact with stable and reliable contact element, the should not be used to model focused on automatic insertion force tester more neat, deal with finished goods for 100% of the check point by point puckering separation force, prevent interruptions caused by individual jack relaxation signals. 2. To prevent defective insulation 1) Insulation materials inspection of raw materials quality had a great influence on insulators insulation performance. So for the choice of raw materials manufacturers especially important, should not blindly to reduce costs and loss of the material quality. Should choose metal material with good credit. And for each batch of material incoming check carefully check the batch number, material certificate, and other important information. The traceability information material to use. 2) Insulators insulation resistance check to 2012, some factory assembly process into finished products after the detection performance, the results due to the insulation resistance is unqualified, insulator to the whole batch of finished product scrap. Reasonable technology should be in the insulator parts state is 100% for screening process, to ensure that the performance of qualified. 3. Prevent bad fixed 1) Compatibility check compatibility check is a dynamic inspection. It requires the same series matching plug and socket can be inserted with connection each other, to find whether there is due to the insulator, such as pieces of contact parts size out-of-tolerance, causes such as missing parts or assembly does not reach the designated position cannot be inserted, positioning and locking, even in the rotating force under the action of disintegration. Compatibility check role is another thread, bayonet plug connection can have an impact in the insulation performance of metal tailings. So for some important use of terminal blocks shall be 100% for the project inspection, to avoid this kind of major fatal failure accidents. 2) Resistance to torque check torque check is a terminal structural reliability is very effective inspection method. As the U. S. military standard MIL - L - 39012 standard. According to the standard samples of each batch of parking should be resistant torque checks, found the problem in time. 3) Pressure welding wire flux measurement in denso often find individual core wire pressure does not reach the designated position, or send in place after the lock, contact is not reliable. Analysis of the reason is that the individual mounting holes had dirt stuck burrs or teeth. Especially use factory has denso to a connector at the end of the several mounting holes, found that the defects after illness had to have installed other discharge hole pressure welding wire, to replace the connector. In addition, due to the lead wire diameter and aperture pressure to choose cooperate with improper, or because the crimping process error, will cause end not firm pressure to the accident. For this purpose, the factory in the plug of the finished product before delivery to the delivery of the goods ( A) Samples of all mounting holes to test, with loading and unloading tools will have pressure to pin the wires or jack simulation to send in place, check whether to lock up. According to the regulations of product technical conditions, by the root pressure welding wire for pulled off force tests. Without reliable terminals, there is no reliable systems engineering. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. Strict controls on terminal blocks of raw materials, materials used are imported or domestic high-quality materials. Mainly in copper, stainless steel materials are purchased from famous suppliers, effectively avoid the terminals in the raw material part material cause of failure. Failure and reliability is corresponding to the interconnected another two aspects of contradiction. Through the terminal reliability screening found various failure modes and failure mechanism, can lead to a lot of lessons and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers, to improve the design, process, inspection and provide scientific evidence for use, it is also revise and formulate the important basis of terminal technology conditions. Looking for measures to prevent failure, transformed from failure to reliable, is the dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. Is the ultimate goal of failure analysis. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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