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Terminals of the mechanical performance test methods and standards

by:Fortuna     2021-02-04
Mechanical properties testing: 1, is the purpose of the reliability test line pressing reliability test to test whether terminal can clamp wire without excessive damage wire. With the terminal connected to type and nominal cross-sectional area of the conductor, put up a certain weight, to 10 rotations per minute (RPM) of rotating speed, for 15 min. After the test, if there is no taxi terminal wire clamping piece, no fracture near the clamping piece, terminal line pressing reliability is qualified. If there is a fracture or fall off the wire terminal clamping mechanism, is not qualified. 2, the purpose of drawing test drawing test is to test terminals can lead firmly clamped between the metal surface. Use terminal access type and nominal cross-sectional area of the conductor, choose a certain force, pull wire conductor axis direction, keep 1 min. If the wire does not fall off from the terminal, is qualified. 3, the purpose of mechanical strength test mechanical strength test is whether the test terminal has enough mechanical strength, especially the test terminal shell is there enough mechanical strength. In the process of test, a sample to be included in the test equipment of barrel, rotate at a speed of 5 RPM, lasts for 5 minutes after the shutdown to take out the sample observations, if the terminal is not destroyed, shell did not crack, damage, etc. , is a qualified. 4, mechanical life test of mechanical life purpose is to test the elastic element of terminals, ability to withstand a certain number of plug or other use of mechanical operation, such as spring type terminal pressure and loosen the button. If the test after the elastic component assembly to the terminal, mechanical and electrical performance should meet the requirements, is qualified. Or more terminals of the mechanical performance test methods and standards, can be your reference. Precision contact: wish you a prosperous business, everything goes well, if you want to learn more dynamic, can scan the qr code, pay attention to the public. , is committed to precision stamping processing factory of the world's most professional electronic components
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