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Terminals soldering machine and welding technology

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Terminal hardware terminal terminal soldering machine and its welding technology to explore/with the rapid development of advanced manufacturing technology, to realize the headphones terminal to automatic welding has become an inevitable trend. Soldering robot in the engineering practice can greatly improve the working environment, improving welding efficiency, saving the cost of enterprise, increase the competitiveness of the enterprises, market-oriented. Integrated structure design and electric control design development produce earphone terminal automatic soldering machine physical prototype, and based on the Ansys simulation technology and orthogonal test, determine the earphone terminal automatic welding welding technology and welding parameters. Based on the function requirement of earphone terminal automatic soldering machine and the technical indicators, the panasonic PLC and sea teck human-computer interaction interface ( Touch screen) Developed through the combination of high efficiency, high precision, good stability of automatic control system, can satisfy the requirement of the earphone terminal automatic welding control. Through import will simplify model simulation analysis software Ansys, the simulation was carried out on the key part, guide for the determination of key parameters in the welding process; Based on the simulation, through orthogonal test to determine the earphone terminal automatic welding key parameters. In view of the automatic soldering machine earphone terminal development, realize the breakthrough on this welding equipment from scratch in China. The product will be conducive to solve the artificial solder products of poor consistency and human problem of high cost and low production efficiency, and for similar to the earphone terminal of the special-shaped columns terminal for the development of automatic welding equipment and welding technology research to provide the reference and guidance. Committed to become the world's most professional electronic stamping supplier. To help clients improve competitiveness as our duty!
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