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TF booth using material and functional performance characteristics are introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD. , established in January 2008, is a professional design and manufacture of precision stamping die and precision hardware stamping ODM/OEM professional manufacturers. TF card name microSD again, it is a tiny flash memory card. This card is mainly in mobile phone use, but because it has the advantages of small volume, along with the growing capacity, it slowly started in GPS devices, portable music players and some plate using flash memory. Below the author take everybody understand the bottoms TF card TF booth of main specifications and special features: TF booth, is the place where insert TF memory, according to the specifications of the products of TF and playing outside welding booth. A, processing the shell material and appearance: materials for SUS stainless steel, characterized by high hardness, good elasticity and long service life. Terminal: material is phosphor copper, characterized by good elasticity, wear-resisting, low contact resistance, contact surface plating processing, product abrasion resistance and beautiful appearance, and information transmission speed is fast; Rubber core: material LCP material, is characterized by high temperature resistance, high insulation performance, is the product when SMT 260 high temperature and will not deformation, blister, etc. ; PUSH bar: the material of the LCP material, is characterized by high temperature resistant, make the product high temperatures over 260 SMT without deformation, foaming, and popup can cause to the sliding action; Push rod: stainless steel material, is characterized by high hardness, good elasticity, long using life, make the life of the product to withstand more than 5000 times tests; Characteristics of locating piece: material not phosphor copper, not easy to production, stable size, did not make the product fixed firmly; Application: suitable for mobile phones and digital products SMT process, used to load the memory card. Second, the electrical characteristics of rated voltage: 0. 5 amp 10 v AC impedance insulation: 1000 m Ω Min contact impedance: 80 m Ω Max voltage resistance: AC 500 v RMS temperature range: 85-40 ~ + 3, electrical performance: the contact impedance: in 1 KHZ, small electric flow test, maximum impedance is 40 microhm; Insulation resistance: with a 100 - 250 v DC voltage test for 1 minute, minimum impedance of 100 ohms; Withstand voltage: add AC 250 v between the terminals and the terminal, no breakdown phenomenon. Four, mechanical parameters of the terminal strength: pull out terminal level, single Pin retention minimum 2 n; Insertion force and output: pull at the speed of 25 mm per minute insert fixtures to pull out, insertion force maximum 8 n; Durability test: terminal 100 milliohm maximum contact resistance, insertion speed 10 times/min, pluggable 10000 times.
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