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The actual metal stamping processing production need to solve the problem

by:Fortuna     2021-02-12
Actual production of metal stamping parts forming is very complicated, there may be two or more different nature of the deformation area ( Such as surface parts deep drawing) 。 In such a forming method, cannot simply identified as class elongation or compression forming, but the different deformation zone on the same blank reflects the different deformation characteristics, respectively. At this time, each different deformed zone can be assigned to the different categories of forming in the field. Therefore, in a variety of forming method can be further divided into: single deformation zone forming method and has multiple deformation zone forming method. Have the nature of a single deformation zone forming method of deformation properties and deformation zone is the same. The nature of the stamping forming method with multiple deformation area, can be divided into three conditions to study. The first predominantly elongation type of deformation, the deformation of the blank area of elongation deformation area are the main issues ( Such as plate bending, conical workpiece deep drawing, etc. ) , can start from elongation deformation law of classes, study and solve the problem of forming; The second is compressed class forming, blank deformation zone in the compression type of deformation zone in question is a major ( Such as pipe bending, etc. ) , we can study from the law of compression deformation and solve various problems in forming; The third is both compression and extension deformation characteristics of forming method, different problems in the deformation area are not allow to ignore. Because the problem is that the two aspects of stamping in, should according to the different characteristics of two kinds of forming methods is to take necessary measures to solve the two problems. A: on the influencing factors on the quality of the stamping process analysis
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