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The advantage of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
In everyday life we see many are metal stamping parts, products to the carrier aircraft car, small to pins are metal stamping parts, etc. 1, metal stamping parts is on the premise of material consumption is not big, created by the stamping, light weight, hardness, just the parts and sheet metal after plastic deformation, metal internal organizational structure to improve, to improve strength of stamping parts. 2, metal stamping parts with high dimensional accuracy, with the module size uniformity, good interchangeability. Don't need to be further mechanical processing to meet the requirements of the general assembly and use. 3, in stamping process, due to the surface of the material from damage, the surface quality is not affected, smooth and beautiful appearance, for the surface paint, electroplating, phosphating and other surface treatment provides a convenient conditions. Stamping is first of the four process, its importance cans be imagined. Precision is a professional stamping processing enterprise. Focus on production and processing mobile phone shell, precision shrapnel, metal terminals, hardware components such as tensile, lead frame. Welcome to discuss cooperation inspection, qualified and well equipped.
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