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The advantages and disadvantages of phosphor copper terminals of compound die

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Composite modulus: under the common compound die structure are composite materials, such as tensile composite, the mold structure and other simple mold structure is slightly different. The punch ( Also known as the male die and punch) In die design, several other block template under splint ( Fixed punch punch) , the check under the baffle and stripper ( Take off the outside) , the upper die cavities ( Or edge) , on the inside to take off the plate and the plate, inside take off using contour sleeve hanging on the plate, and then held a spring. Phosphor copper terminals advantages of composite modulus is as follows: (1) phosphorus copper terminals when cutting material under compression, the surface is flat and level. (2) phosphor copper terminal does not need to feed movement when cutting materials, spare parts accuracy is not affected by feeding error, which, appearance alignment is higher, generally up to soil ( 0. 020. 04) Mm, in the three types of mould, the highest precision of parts. (3) the mould structure is compact, the contour size small. (4) with compound stamping die when the limitation on the strip shape and size is not strict, short and tailings material available to stamping parts, high material utilization ratio continuous mode. 5. Suitable for pressing and thin material, soft material and brittle material. Phosphor copper terminals composite modulus shortcomings are as follows; 1) mould parts, complicated structure, the assembly manufacturing difficulty and high cost. But complex shape parts of the mold manufacturing difficulty is lower than continuous mode. (2) due to the limitation of intensive minimum wall thickness, for some inner hole and between the outer edge and the distance between the holes smaller parts, unfavorable use compound die. (3) productivity is lower than continuous mode, the work is not continuous safety and parts out of the thing without continuous mode is convenient. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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