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The advantages and disadvantages of phosphor copper terminals of simple die

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Simple mode: refers to the stamping of a trip, only completed a die stamping process. The process after coining, need artificial or use the manipulator to strike phosphor copper terminal products out from the mould, and then into the next station inside the mold to continue production, until the last mould process finished, the whole phosphorus copper terminal products in order to be complete. Phosphor copper terminals the advantages of simple mould is as follows: (1) simple structure and manufacture easy, short cycle, low cost. (2) use waste stamping. (3) to punch the size, thickness of parts. Phosphor copper terminal simple mould shortcomings are as follows: (1) due to the mould structure is simple, position error is large, so precision of parts is low, no continuous mode and composite mode of high precision. (2) simple die without a guide, more is not convenient to install and time consuming. (3) job insecurity. (4) procedure, in the three types of mould, productivity is the lowest. (5) life is low, easy to wear. Only applicable to accuracy is not high, simple shape of small batch production and new product trial production. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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