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The advantages of automatic product selection machine

The advantages of automatic product selection machine


The advantages of an automatic product selection machine

Due to the rapid development of the global metal processing industry, and at the same time because of the continuous increase in global labor costs. It is necessary to make improvements and innovations in technology and quality.

In order to meet the mass production needs of some zero-defect products, our company introduced customized automatic product selection machines this year to meet the appearance, size and performance testing of metal stamping parts and CNC machined products.

Here are the advantages of this type of machine:

1. The machine is customized to set a complete system of feeding, selecting, testing and discharging.

2. The multi-lens scans the product quickly and omnidirectional so as to distinguish the abnormal appearance of the product.

3. The computer display screen edits the corresponding size template to achieve 100% detection of the product size and automatically discards the defective product.

4. The real-time monitoring of product testing data is convenient for subsequent quality and analysis and improvement of engineering staff.

5, Greatly speeding up the speed and accuracy of product testing to meet the needs of customers in large quantities.

6. It can be distinguished with high efficiency for products that are difficult to select and easy to deform.

Automated production and testing is already a trend in the global manufacturing industry. In the future, we will introduce more advanced equipment to bring customers high-quality products and competitive prices!

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