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The advantages of lead frame electroless plating ni-p alloy

by:Fortuna     2021-02-07
Precision electronic technology co. , LTD focus on production and processing lead frame, precision shrapnel, metal terminals, stretching pieces of hardware components such as stamping companies. Lead frame die stamping process are available, and the subsequent according to customer requirements for surface processing, electroplating or electroless plating for surface finishes. Electroless plating of nickel phosphorus can make the artifact has its corrosion resistance, good amorphous structure of nickel phosphorus alloy corrosion resistance is very good, compared to other metals and even thickness. Can increase the conductivity of the workpiece. Good weldability, chemical plating technology is used in electronic components. Appropriate heat treatment temperature, vickers hardness can reach 1 luu, the coating wear resistance equivalent to that of hard chromium plating. IC lead frame plating surface, not only can be plated nickel phosphorus, also with silver and other coatings. Main choice according to the performance of the products need.
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