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The advantages of low-speed wire cutting.


In order to ensure the accuracy of mold processing, Dongguan Fortuna uses Mitsubish low-speed wire cutting machines to process mold parts.

Low speed wire cutting is a kind of EDM wire cutting. It uses continuous moving thin metal wire as electrodes to perform pulse spark discharge on the workpiece to remove metal and cut into shape. It is mainly used for processing various high-precision parts. Let me introduce to you the advantages of slow-moving wire cutting. 

1. Perfect quality

The quality of the machined surface is improving day by day

(1) Nanosecond high peak current pulse power supply technology

(2) Anti-electrolysis (BS) pulse power supply

2. Improve the accuracy

Cutting accuracy is increasing day by day

(1) Multiple cutting technology

(2) Continuous optimization and improvement of corner processing technology

(3) Adopt technology to improve straightness

(4) The machine tool structure is more precise

(5) Filament cutting


3. Efficiency improvement

Significantly improved processing efficiency

(1) High processing efficiency

(2) Processing efficiency of larger thickness workpieces

(3) Processing efficiency of workpieces with varying thickness

high precision parts

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