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The advantages of plastic wood card stainless steel stair armrest

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1. A big contribution to environmental protection and alternative wood to protect the ecological environment, do not need to paint to avoid air pollution, scrap can be recycled after 2. A long service life, save maintenance cost, fast installation and reduce labor costs. 3. Can heat curve modelling, the scene processing and wood the same processing method, can be nailed, riveting, sawing, cutting, can stick, can pick up. Light toughness, high hardness, the power that grasp a hammer. Moistureproof insect-resistant, corrosion resistance, no combustion, no cracks, never deformation. 6. Soft and smooth, easy to wipe, not wood, not dozen electrostatic, strong and durable. Beautiful in color, wood grain, have white, log, cherry, oak, teak, rosewood, the sand Billy, red cherry, mahogany, bright red, black walnut, rosewood, and so on more than a dozen design and color. Eight, can set the color and length processing. A: metal stamping parts of detection methods
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