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The advantages of plastic wood materials

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Plastic floor waterproof high environmental protection into the new building materials industry development direction, plastic wood plate, combined with the many advantages of plant fiber and plastic polymer materials, to a large number of alternative wood, can effectively alleviate the shortage of shortage of resources of forest, timber supply in China, is a very promising low carbon, green and renewable renewable plastic wood materials. Plastic wood - — A new alternative wood materials, mainly plant fiber raw material, and plastic synthesis of a new type of composite material, at the same time have the advantages of plant fiber and plastic, broad scope, covering almost all wood, plastic, plastic, aluminum alloy and other similar use field of composite materials, but also solves the plastic, wood industry waste resources recycling problem. Its main characteristic is: raw material resource, plastic products, using environmental protection, cost economization, recycled and biochemistry. A: the car on stamping field
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