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The advantages of plastic wood stainless steel card buckle

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
The processability of wood plastic stronger - — Because of its containing fiber and plastic polymer materials, in addition to the saw, nail, planer, holding nail force is superior to other synthetic material, usually wood three times, five times that of particle board. (2) wood plastic machinery stronger - — Hybrid fiber and plastic, wood plastic with hardwood is the physical and mechanical properties such as compressive strength, bending, durability is better than general timber, surface hardness and stronger. (3) the use of wood plastic long life - — Moisture-proof, waterproof, acid, anti-corrosion, will not be bug eat by moth, so the service life of the under various conditions are far beyond the wood. (4) wood plastic adjustable well - — Through the adjustment of the production process, we can change the strength and density of wood plastic products, so as to realize the anti-aging, antistatic, flame retardant and other special requirements. 5. Wood plastic recycling sex - — Decomposition of waste wood plastic sheet can be convenient recycling and reproduction cycle, and the process of production, use, recycling is completely environmental protection free from contamination. 6. Wood plastic beautiful personalized - — Compared with general wood, wood plastic material is wenqi, can mimic the natural wood texture, and colour is extremely rich, meet consumers DIY personality pursuit. A: metal stamping parts are widely used
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