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The advantages of progressive stamping dies

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Progressive stamping dies, 连续模) Is a name of mould structure, basically can be interpreted as: stamping parts not by punching, bent or stretched mould etc, any kind of stamping die in a complete finished product in the process of stamping, but must by multiple sets of stamping mould or more sets of projects to complete, the multichannel project, various structures of one or more sets of mould should have parts within the same mold design, make the mold in continuous stamping process, finish of the finished product. Continuous punching die can be defined as: more than two sets of engineering stamping die alone, with mathematical method to calculate according to the sequence arrangement, and cooperate with the automation design, make each individual project and for a continuous and whole mold structure. So, what are the advantages of the continuous die? 1, to meet the demand of mass production continuous stamping mould production speed, Can reach 1000 times/min) Higher than that of any other practices and processing type. If the crankshaft punch stamping times per minute, the daily output of up to 30000 ~ 150000. 2, easy to such engineering arrangement mould down into simple, the shape of the appropriate arranged respectively in different workstations, will be able to avoid the vulnerable part of the mold structure and growth of life, the life can reach more than 100 million times. 3, economic continuous punching mould machining can save material, mold interval 0. 8 min, and improve the material utilization rate of the biggest. At the same time can reduce operating management, handling and the occupied area, and ground so rich economy. 4, moderate stretch processing material work hardening in continuous punching die in the stretch processing and stretch rate can be increased and the number that stretch to mitigate the degree of strain hardening material and avoid the intermediate annealing processing needs. Stamping die in 5, operation safety system automatic punching die, don't need manual operation in the processing, without the possibility of harm the human body. When the feeder fault or other unexpected events occur, punch to immediately stop the action, to avoid the punch suffered damage. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD is specialized in continuous stamping mold processing of manufacturers, the development and design of mold cycle is 7 ~ 25 days, stamping speed can reach 1000 times/min, the life is as high as more than 100 million times, price concessions, welcome consultation order. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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