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The advantages of the stamping die stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Stamping parts in terms of technical and economic aspects are very good, it is larger than that of mechanical processing, plastic processing is better out of work, specific advantages are: 1, stamping parts, use of mechanization and automation process simple operation, high production efficiency, common mechanical trip to press a few times per minute, and the number of high-speed mechanical than normal dozens or even hundreds times more, and each time to rush out one or more pieces of artifacts. 2, stamping mould processing of stamping parts of the size and shape are more accurate, precision is high, and stamping mould service life is longer, can be repeatedly processing stampings, not easy to damage, reduce the cost of the company. 3 stamping parts, stamping die stamping out sort is more, have a little to the second hand, big to auto parts, and stamping shape more complex parts 4, stamping parts of the material loss is less, can save material, save cost. 5, it can be mass production of stamping parts, save processing time, can meet the customer's early period. Additional stamping application range is very wide also, aviation, transportation, automobile including agricultural tractors and other fields has a certain application. So stamping parts than other common artifacts, technical requirements are high precision, and can make the economic benefits of the company are flying leap.
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