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The analysis of the plastic wood composite material industry

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
WPC has been gradually popularized in many countries in the world today of the new type of green environmental protection material. According to the China WPC industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report preview 'statistical requirements of plastic wood composite materials in the world is increasing, the global production has more than 1. 5 million tons, the north American production of about 1 million tons, China is about 200000 tons, Japan nearly 100000 tons. German plastic wood composite material consumption has more than 70000 tons, which is in the leading position in Europe. In China, plastic wood material is a new kind of environmental protection industry, a very young since 2005 has been on a high-speed development period. Plastic wood composite materials is more widely, including doors and Windows products, insulation systems, park bench, mounted and tower building solar screens, such as raw materials including wood powder and other cellulose agricultural and sideline products. China plastic wood composite average annual growth rate as high as 30%. With increasingly perfect domestic plastic wood production research and development of technology, in the next 10 years, WPC except in architectural decoration and landscape industry will also be in rail transportation, car inner decoration and packaging materials and other fields will have a large number of applications. Is expected in 2015 China plastic wood demand will reach 30 billion yuan. Market space is very large. The WPC industry development in our country's overall situation is good, its main performance has two: one is plastic wood industry continue to be the strong support of national policy, plastic wood material manufacturing technology into the 'outline of comprehensive utilization of resources and technology of China policy' and 'strategic emerging industry development planning' is the most powerful explanation; Followed by plastic wood industry chain gradually formed, the nation can constantly expanding, the number and capacity continues to grow, in 2010, total output reached 500000 tons, have been able to keep pace with the United States in the global plastic wood industry. However, China in the development of high-speed plastic wood industry exists many problems also cannot be ignored, mainly displays in the development of the industry standard; Technology integration degree is not high, to promote the innovation mechanism has not yet formed; Product applications development is insufficient, low competitive homogeneity product; Standard formulation work backward, and block the development of the industry; Unbalanced market promotion and marketing. Comprehensive measures to solve these problems, must pass, selectively to gradually solve the above problem, specific include: one is to energetically standard industrial development, in a variety of positive means supporting the healthy growth of industry; The second is to adhere to the integration of technological innovation, promote the establishment of industrial technology innovation strategy alliance; Three is to strengthen the standardization work in the whole formation on the basis of scientific selection mechanism, the enhancement enterprise strategic competition ability; Four is to constantly develop new application areas, expand the application range of the plastic wood material and influence. A: stamping parts processing to a common question
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