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The application of precision connector terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
The application of precision connector terminal connector terminal application range is very wide. Its mainly used in 3 c products, from this point can be made for precision connector terminal functional definition is: connector is a kind of motor system, it can provide a detachable interface used to connect two electronic system, and for the operation of the system is not unacceptable effects. Connector terminal subsystem at work between the telecommunications transmission characteristics should not impact as much as possible, these effects include such as unacceptable signal distortion and system between signal degradation of reduction, or because of the power loss caused by the connector, the power loss is one of the important considerations in design. Separability and the demands of the telecommunications transmission of the impact of the unacceptable level, by the application of the connector. Separability including plug ( Duribility) Number and force necessary to match the connector, plug the requirements may be from several to tens of thousands of times, the number of such as PCMCIA type connector is ten thousand times. Because the quantity of circuit or function and the increase of the connector connected to each other, cooperate with power ( 交配的力量) Demand is becoming more important, in order to provide more features on the connector terminals must also increase, the number of this will lead to higher precision connector terminals with power. Because there are more than tens of thousands of kinds of connector terminals, patterns of making it brings all kinds of different USES in application, through the application of it, computer and peripheral equipment, telecommunications, communications equipment, instruments, video machine, TV, amusement machine, stereo, telephone, computer, vehicle and space with the military and other industrial products, get a lot of improvement on production, quality up to a level, relative also reduces the labor costs. Particularly in the decomposition and combination, after-sales service, repair, etc, bring great convenience.
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