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The application of precision stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
With the development of metal stamping parts, products from all walks of life in the pursuit of high quality, high efficiency. Precision stamping parts is the product appearance and high quality requirements of stamping parts. Widely used in automobile, aviation, electronics and other products. Precision stamping parts compared to traditional processing technology has the following advantages: high efficiency, easy to operate, with mechanization and automation; To ensure the accuracy of the stamping parts shape and size, does not destroy the surface of the stamping parts quality. Can be processed products of high degree of large and complicated shape, size range from the clock pointer, to auto longeron can use; Stamping material hardening effect of cold deformation, strength and stiffness are higher; There is no chip broken material generated, reduce material loss; Stamping do not need other heating equipment, save energy, reduce the cost. After the precision stamping is refers to the obtained blank shape accuracy or WuYuLiang, parts after rough machining allowance of sub-micron production technology. It is a near net shape and near zero defect forming technology, ultra-precision processing technology integrated with ultra-high speed machining technology. Among them, the ultra precision manufacturing technology is one of the core technologies for the development of current industrial nations, like the defense industry, integrated circuit, the information technology industry, solar power generation and semiconductor industries of many products are very strict to the requirement of precision, and non-standard, many varieties, the characteristics of the batch, small batch, more higher barriers to entry. Products from all walks of life are now using precision metal stamping parts, dongguan so precision stamping market is getting better and better, our country as a manufacturing power, to do precision stamping parts of the enterprise development soon, large enterprises in recent years, precision forging, precision stamping parts, finished product gear, precision mould and parts design, manufacture, sales, improve precision forging fine blanking process. A: stamping limits
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