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The application scope of metal shrapnel materials

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Hardware spring piece is a kind of mechanical parts use flexibility to work. Commonly used metal shrapnel steel. Used to control the movement of the parts, moderate impact or vibration, energy savings, the size of the measurement of force, etc. , widely used in machinery, instrument. The sort of metal shrapnel is complex, the shape points, mainly include spiral metal shrapnel, metal shrapnel turbination metal shrapnel, plate, etc. Metal shrapnel belongs to metal stamping parts, electronic hardware material category. Stainless steel or manganese material after heat treatment, which is an important part of switch on, by means of metal shrapnel guide connectivity, in between the operator and the products have the effect of a high quality of switch. At the same time, using pot piece stable back stretch ( After pressing the self-return) , and long life, provide quality of tactile feedback to the operator. Stainless steel or manganese metal materials after heat treatment, the shrapnel, long service life. Also can do the gold-plated, chrome plating or silver plating using occasions. Do the surface treatment. Our company is mainly engaged in: 301, 304, 430, 409 l, 410, 316 l, such as all kinds of stainless steel materials, variety complete, the price is reasonable. Surface: 2 b, BA, grinding, grinding oil drawing, 8 k mirror plate, sticker. Specification range: 0 thick. 01 mm3。 0 mm * 3 mm wide material hardness: vickers ( HV) More than 180550 state hardness: ANN, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 H H H, H, EH shrapnel is the only metal components in the membrane switch, application is more common. Many products the use of shrapnel in the current situation is relatively chaos, especially in flexible circuits, just take it as a handle ( Tactile feedback) Components used to make membrane switch performance have many disadvantages, even lose membrane switch role. Metal shrapnel is widely used in machinery and electronics industry an elastic element, when the loading can produce large elastic deformation, the mechanical work or kinetic energy is converted into deformation energy, and disappeared metal shrapnel deformation after unloading and return to its original state, the deformation energy into mechanical energy or kinetic energy.
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