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The benchmark of the size of blanking parts in the processing of stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
In the processing of stamping parts, the size of the blanking part should be as close as possible to the positioning reference during stamping, and the surface or line that is basically unchanged during the punching process of the stamping part should be selected. The dimensions shown in the figure are unreasonable for blanking parts with higher hole spacing requirements. This is because when the center distance between the two holes is required to be high, the tolerance levels marked by dimensions B and C are high, and the wear of the mold (punching and blanking at the same time) will make it difficult for the accuracy of dimensions B and C to meet the requirements. It is more reasonable to change to the labeling method of the drawing. At this time, the size of the hole center distance is no longer affected by the wear of the mold. Recommended article: Introduction to the overall installation of the plum blossom cushion stamping mold Installation steps
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