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The cause of blanking hole plugging in precision stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-02-05
When precision stamping of stamping material is soft and magnetic adsorption material, punching die blanking step hole size of it is easy to induce the greater the lateral friction resistance, eventually led to the blanking hole plug. When stamping processing copper, aluminum and other low melting point soft BoCai, stamping makes high speed punching waste separation and composite together, mutually knot occur on surface of the blanking, punching waste, is no longer show pieces can separate state, but the article melts into a state of down. When blade design into a void, ladder hole, waste from effective wall constraint on the strings, the steps of the expanded hole had a curved space, the bend is different because of the friction coefficient of the wall around the edge induced, and the different friction coefficient is uneven by punch, concave die assembly clearance, die blade wall do not match the finish around the processing problems caused by waste when strip bends in the head after exposure to expand a ladder hole wall, unilateral frictional resistance will make the strip waste produces lateral distortion, further lead to strip waste in upsetting deformation, ladder hole to fill the blanking hole. When stamping object is magnetic adsorption material, enlarge die blanking step hole size, and also can make punching waste, under the high speed stamping die after grinding, no refund do magnetic magnetic adsorption effect, in expanding the ladder hole back down when the adsorption in the hole wall and the gradually formed pile up on the ladder hole crisscross overlap each other aside phenomenon, increasing punching waste, lateral force, accumulative total friction resistance between sand and ladder only electives, finally affect the normal punching waste, causing the blanking hole plug. Stamping processing in the cause of blanking hole blocked roughly more than two.
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