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The cause of metal stamping parts products bad highlights

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
The cause of metal stamping parts products bad lot. Such as the quality of the sheet metal, mold, coil will affect the final of the stand or fall of stamping parts. Stamping process operation and location of the appliance of the clamping discharge has probably damage parts such as quality of them. Stamping is the first of four major technology its urgency and conception. Stamping factory system, the character of the waste to the vehicle skin deep and succumb to lay a reliable fundamental, and stamping parts quality guarantee often is extremely importance to the title of the automobile manufacturing enterprise. Therefore, at every moment in all the process of building should think shortage details, try to alert appear quality problems, influence the ultimate quality of the product. Sheet: coil breakage or edge wrinkling, uncoiling line of guide roller or the guide roller clearance hours on the mould of the wrinkling, caused by the unbalance of coil into; Steel plate cutting surface area under the burr to truncate the surface as a benchmark, burr height of 0. More than 2 mm, iron powder that happens here might damage the mold and produce the concavo-convex. Among the mould quality: operators do not pay attention to operation, in the process of stamping parts in the front-rear shift to mold or collision conveyor belt around the corner; Belt height adjustment is not reasonable; Automation equipment adjust unreasonable ( Travel, speed, etc. ) 。 In the production of stamping parts is the most common problems in the surface concave and convex problem, this is mostly due to materials or dust adhered on the surface of the mold or scrap iron to lower the surface quality of the parts of it, at the same time, also make the production decline. A foreign body coil, steel plate surface or internal mix; Scratches, The roll surface or different material) ; Roller trace ( Foreign body attached on the roll) ; Influence caused by foreign body surface depth. A: the car on stamping principles of material selection
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