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The cause of stamping punch size does not accord with requirements and solutions

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping is a very important part of the punching, it can reflect the stand or fall of stamping process, we will encounter in the daily operation punching size does not conform to the requirements of the situation, either small or large or differ with mould size is larger. In the face of this situation, any good solution? Sometimes stamping punch size discrepancy is caused by salt pieces of flash, so you need to inspection on die-cutting population of stamping equipment, and pay attention to the rationality of blanking clearance. But we cannot rule out is therefore the punch when punching size deviation, and want to control the material pressure and keep it within the prescribed scope. When the blade end there appeared various forms, also will make the punching size discrepancy, so in this aspect also needs to be strictly controlled. In addition to the machining accuracy, the blanking clearance will also affect the size of punch, is why have to think about.
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