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The cause of the phosphor copper shrapnel springback and its countermeasures

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Phosphor copper shrapnel because of its material has good conductivity, high elasticity, fatigue resistance, high strength, Gao Yanshen rate, under the reasonable interval, punching and shearing section of high quality, the advantages of small burrs is widely used in elastic demand of precision connectors, relays, automotive electronics, intelligent home appliances, medical electronics and other industries. However, phosphorus copper shrapnel in the process of being due to its higher hardness, not easy forming, material itself unable to reach a size requirement but what are we to do? Phosphor copper shrapnel first undergo elastic deformation, its forming bending process to the plastic deformation. In the final stage of plastic deformation will still accompanied by elastic deformation ( The springback) 。 The springback influence the shape of the products, the size of the size. Factors affecting phosphorus copper shrapnel springback are: 1. Material hardness. The greater the material hardness, the bigger the springback. 2. Forming bending die R Angle size, Angle size; Forming the smaller R Angle, forming Angle is smaller, the less material to plastic deformation area. 3. Forming bending die forming straight length; Forming the shorter the straight length, forming the plastic deformation of the more difficult it is to cure. Forming the longer the straight length, easy cause to pull material in the forming of stripping. 4. Forming structure: twenty percent bending forming, repeat material in the first and second repeated bending forming space is absolutely impossible by the power of the equivalent, will be the first folding forming effect is reduced, thus affecting the maintenance decision. Reduce the phosphorus copper shrapnel rebound methods: 1. Twenty percent apex distance before and after adjustment, change the material to plastic deformation length. 2. Interference R cooperate or convex rib is added when bending, make its bending local concentration of stress. 3. Forming bending die straight length should be between 1 t - - - Between the 2 t. 4. Choose a reasonable forming structure, to avoid secondary forming.
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