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The characteristics of stamping process

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts in the process of machining will show some characteristics different from other machining method, therefore, in order to help us know more about the related common sense, let's about stamping parts processing characteristics are summarized, the primary content to let's now. Prominent local primary embodied in three aspects, one aspect, as is often the case, stamping parts cost of the original data is saving, which is made by stamping, stamping parts with light weight, good rigidity characteristics, and after through such processing, its internal structure is improved, the strength has improved significantly. The second aspect is that it has high measure precision, basically is almost the same with the modular scale, and interchangeability. The appearance of the third aspect is that the data was not damaged, still insist on good appearance quality. Because, with such characteristics of stamping parts appearance it's more convenient for processing. Under the condition of such advantage, it has been widely used, for many career brought to assist and support. For punching a wall clock and the instrument can be made up of small precision parts, about some of the cars and tractors and other large components have nowhere to go. And stamping data very rich variety, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals is still other metals can be used. In the process of stamping parts processing, of course, also there are some defects. Primary embodied in: 1, processing will occur in the process of some noise; 2, the oscillation will occur. About these two aspects, because formed by multiple factors, but in the future, along with the skills to carry out the trust between the two aspects of the problem will be solved. Stamping process, therefore, there are many more special local, making stamping also has many advantages, has been widely used in many modern professional. In future development, stamping will also gain greater development space, as we supply more help.
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