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The characteristics of the metal mould

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
The characteristics of the metal mould first; Hardware mold precision know more precision grinding machine processing, precision wire cutting processing ( Do well precision generally be 0. 003-0. Material 005 mm high hardness can processing machinery is not much what you designed easily processed depends on your understanding of the process equipment) The second; Hardware mold material understanding do several hardware mold material performance ( Hardware mold to snip in part on the material demanding) The best mould processing machine tools and the most hard materials most are used for metal mold so that to fully understand the third; Stamping materials products, such as the characteristics of stainless steel phosphor copper beryllium copper fourth; The stand or fall of mold manufacturing, mold production workshop is also to verify the problem more places so nothing much to see. Double color mould is roughly divided into two kinds: one, double color, second, double color a false double color, double color mould, false double color is the first beer out of a product, then the product set of beer into another set of mold in the whole out of another product! Second, double color mould really double color, it's double color and independent double color and mixed double color two minutes: independent double color, is on the same machine to make two different color, is usually done through displacement front mould, Through the rotary mould) , a set of double color mould need to make two sets of mould, the same two sets of mould do after different die before each do a, two sets of die set requirements can swap; Mixed double color, just a set of mould, need special molding machine, the principle is to combine two independent nozzle to a piece of, through a separate control of each nozzle injection parameters to achieve mixed color effect. A: on analysis of the origin of the hardware for you
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