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The characteristics of the plastic wood material is introduced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
1) Low price, beautiful appearance, high strength and high density, good physics chemical properties ( 2) Has a natural wood texture, texture and aroma ( 3) Formaldehyde-free, insect-resistant eat by moth, corrosion resistant, resistant to moisture, compressive shock resistance, it is not easy deformation, aging resistance, long service life, no maintenance, normal outdoor use in more than 20 years ( 4) Machinability and wood, can be saw, plane, fixed with nails, screws or fasteners, don't need to paint ( 5) The size of the plastic wood profile shape doesn't produce cracks, not easy to warp, no wood knot, twill, splash, etc. ( 6) Can be changed through changing the adjustment of the formula, wood plastic material features such as density, strength, can also achieve special functions such as antistatic, flame retardant, resistance to ultraviolet radiation ( 7) Do not contain harmful to human body composition, reusable and 100% recycled, environmentally friendly, dongguan hardware stamping parts, plastic wood card clasp, stainless steel on an article: the introduction of common hardware standard parts
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