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The characteristics of the pot wall punching die in the stamping die

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The pot wall punching die in the stamping die is a positive discharging die installed on a cantilever worktable, which is a special form of punching. When designing this type of stamping die, the following points should be paid attention to: 1. The maximum radial dimension of the lower seat of the stamping die plus the concave die should not be greater than the size of the mouth of the pot, but an active gap of 3~5mm should be left; 2. The die should not be too thick to ensure the strength of the die seat as much as possible; 3. The profiled arc R of the pressing plate should be about 2mm larger than the radius of the pot body, and there should be a small section of straight line B on both sides of the arc to ensure The punch strength, the newly opened mold Bu003d4t; 4. Because the cutting edge of the concave mold is opened on the profiling curved surface, it cannot be repaired by the surface grinding method. It can only be repaired with a portable grinder for a limited number of times. The upper cutting edge is inconvenient to use the oblique angle method to reduce the waste removal force, so the recessed position of the die should be processed by chemical corrosion method. The straight wall height of the cutting edge is 3~4.5mm. If it is too high, the return resistance will be large and increase. The danger of mold explosion; Recommended article: What is the process of oblique blade cutting for stamping parts processing plants? Previous post: In the processing of metal stamping parts, what are the forms of the cutting edge?
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